Aftercare Parent Handbook

Statement of Purpose:

The Millbury AfterCare Program provides care after school for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. The atmosphere is enjoyable, structured, and safe. The Millbury AfterCare Program’s philosophy is that each child deserves the love and respect that will foster self-esteem, independence and self worth. The program provides for all aspects of child development: physical, intellectual, social, and emotional. Your child’s development is fostered through his/her participation in a planned program of instructional and social interactions. Our goal is to provide an environment that is enjoyable, structured, and safe. Staff members will take into consideration the mood of the group and act accordingly as well as exercise flexibility.


Non Discrimination Clause:

The Millbury Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator who fully supports equal access for all people regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, National Origin, Veteran Status, Disability, or Genetic Information. Additionally, we prohibit Retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation. 


Registration Fee:

A non-refundable $10.00 per individual fee and a total of $20.00 per family is paid to hold your child’s slot in the program until you submit your paperwork or are on the waiting list.



The cost of the program is as follows:

Elmwood St. School:

$15.00/day, $43.00/week

 Shaw School:

$17.00/day, $48.00/week

*A week is considered 3 or more days.

**Tuition rates subject to change.


The Millbury AfterCare Program is self-supporting and is run under the Millbury Public School System. All accounts must be paid when due. If you have any questions regarding the billing, please contact the Program Director or Site Supervisor. All checks should be made payable to the Town of Millbury and handed to the Site Supervisor. Please make sure your child’s full name is on the memo line on the check. You may also pay online using Unipay on the school website.



Weekly tuition is determined by the number of days in which your child is registered. If you’ve registered your child for 5 days, but only attend 2 days during the week, you are responsible for the full tuition. A two week written notice is required in order to add/drop days. We are unable refund tuition due to vacations your family takes outside the school calendar or sick days.


Returned Check:

If a check is returned due to insufficient funds, you have one week to make a second payment. If you are unable to make the second payment within a week, a $25.00 fee will be added to your account. Only cash will be accepted after two returned checks.



The Millbury AfterCare Program asks that you pay your tuition one week in advance. Payment is required no later than Friday, but will be accepted any day of the week. Other payment arrangements must be approved by the Program Director. If two payments are missed, your child may be asked to leave the program. (This decision will be made by the Program Director; please communicate any problems with him/her.)


Hours of Operation and Late Pickup Policy:

Each program runs from school dismissal through 6:00 pm. Please understand that the staff has other commitments during the day as well as the evenings. When the parent or authorized person is going to be late picking up the child, the Millbury AfterCare Program requires the parent to:

1.   Call the AfterCare site and leave the following information:

* Child’s name

* Name of the authorized person who will pick up the child

* Time child will be picked up

* Security Code

2.   A $1.00/minute late fee will assessed for every minute you are late after 5 minutes and payable to the staff at time of pickup.


If the parent or other authorized person is late and the Millbury AfterCare Program does not receive a call from the parent:

1.      The AfterCare staff will make every effort to contact the parent by phone.

2.      If the parent is unreachable, a staff member will call the authorized list until someone is reached.

3.      If no authorized person has come to pick up the child by 6:45 pm the Director will contact the Millbury Police Department to report the incident.

4.      The $1.00/minute late fee applies.



Holiday/Vacation Policy:

During all holidays that the Millbury Public Schools are closed, the AfterCare Program will be closed as well. The AfterCare Program will also be closed during all school vacations.





Inclement Weather Policy:

The AfterCare Program will remain open. Your child’s safety comes first to us. In the event that the Elmwood Street School closes early, parent/authorized persons are expected to pick up the child by 3:00 p.m. In the event of a dismissal due to inclement weather, the following options are available:

1.      There will be a phone call from the Superintendents office or from AfterCare Staff.

2.      Child can take his/her bus home at time of dismissal.

3.      Child can go to AfterCare, but parent must pick up child by 3:00 p.m.


Lockdown Procedures:

It is our hope that we never need to use this procedure. However, in the event of an emergency and AfterCare needs to be in lockdown to ensure the safety of all children and staff, you will be alerted by phone as to how and where to pick up your child/children as safely and quickly as possible. You will be asked to fill out an emergency contact card that we can quickly access in the case of an emergency.


Millbury AfterCare Staff:

The town of Millbury has employed responsible adults, college aged young adults and high school students to help ensure the safety of your child or children. In order to maintain a high quality of care for your child, the ratio of staff to children at the Elmwood Street School is 1:7. The staff consists of the Program Director who reports directly to the Superintendent. The Shaw School also has a Site Supervisor who reports to the director. Each director has a certain number of staff members, depending upon ratios, who report to them.



If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please communicate them to the Site Supervisor and/or Program Director. The program will distribute memos and letters from time to time, please take the time to read them carefully. The Millbury AfterCare Program welcomes parent involvement. Please feel comfortable spending time at the site your child attends. We welcome any suggestions and ask that you express them to the Program Director or the Site Supervisor.




Alcohol/Drug Policy:

The Millbury AfterCare Program reserves the right to determine whether an authorized person may not be competent to take a child home without placing the child at risk. In the event that an authorized person arrives under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, or appears to be unstable, the Millbury AfterCare Program has established these policies:

1.      Staff will suggest to the parent/person that another authorized person be called to pick up the child.

2.      Staff will suggest using a taxi to transport the family home.




If the parent/person becomes belligerent, the Site Supervisor must consider the possibility of injury to the child, other children in the program, and the staff; the Site Supervisor, by State Law will be required to:

1.      Call the police to the site

2.      Otherwise, prevent the parent/person from taking the child (by removing the child from the parent’s/person’s presence) until the police arrive.


*The Millbury AfterCare Program reserves the right to deny services to persons who abuse this policy.


Behavior Management:



The Millbury AfterCare programs follow the same behavior expectations of the Millbury Public Schools District.

Bullying Prevention/Protection


An Act Relative to Bullying in Schools, SB 2404, was signed into law in MA by the Governor on May 3, 2010.  The law became effective immediately and requires that all school districts develop a written, comprehensive plan by December 31, 2010 that defines bullying, including cyber-bullying; prohibits bullying; provides instruction to students on preventing bullying; mandates an education plan for employees and parents and establishes consequences for bullying behavior.

The Millbury Public Schools will implement a plan that continues to promote tolerance and respect for diversity and one that encourages positive dialogue to manage differences.


It is the priority of the Millbury Public Schools to provide a safe, secure environment in which all students are taught well and therefore, learn the behavioral and academic expectations of their grade level.  It has been and will continue to be the past practice of the school system to implement “No Tolerance” procedures, which mean that an appropriate consequence will always be given to any student(s) who perpetrates bullying incidents.  Bullying may include, but is not limited to, teasing, taunting, threatening, hazing, hitting, intentional exclusion or cyber bullying.


For a behavior to be considered “bullying”, all of the following must occur:


  • Must be a repeated action(s) by one or more students
  • Must be a written, verbal or electronic expression or a physical act or gesture
  • Must be directed at a victim, causing one or more of the following:
    1. physical or emotional harm to the victim
    2. damage to the victim’s property
    3. places the victim in reasonable fear of harm to himself or of damage

to his/her property

    1. creates a hostile environment at school for the victim
    2. infringes on the rights of the victim at school; OR
    3. materially and substantially disrupts the education process or the orderly

operation of the school


Although students may be disciplined for one-time incidents that are mean or cruel, a one-time incident is not considered bullying, according to the law.


Discipline Procedures for Bullying


Discipline procedures may include, but are not limited to the following and are typically assigned in progressive order:


(This is where each of the Millbury Schools has some flexibility, however, Elmwood and Shaw have agreed on the same consequences and the Junior and Senior High have established the same).


1.        meeting with a staff member/participation in a session(s) on the causes

and effects of discipline

2.        meeting for student and parents with School Administration

3.        elimination of recess

4.        loss of extra-curricular privileges

5.        ongoing in-school counseling

6.        in-school suspension

7.        out-of-school suspension

8.        possible expulsion



The Building Administration will always contact the parents of the perpetrator and schedule a meeting to discuss the behavior with the student.


The Millbury AfterCare Program will use positive reinforcement and redirection when issues occur. The staff will handle the incident in a professional, caring, and fair manner.


When a child forgets a program/school rule, the staff will remind the child that the rules have been broken. The child will be told what rule has been broken, and given a proper explanation as to what a better choice would be. If the inappropriate behavior occurs a second time, a “Time Out” will be implemented immediately. Time Out is removing a child who is acting inappropriately, from the activity, so that the child takes time to think about his/her actions. After a “Time Out” has been completed, the child will be able to rejoin the activity. During the rest of the day, the staff will watch for times when the child displays appropriate behaviors and will praise that behavior.

The staff will put into use token economies to reward appropriate behavior. A token economy is a reward system that helps positively reinforce student’s good behaviors.


No child shall be subjected to abuse or neglect, cruel, unusual, or corporal punishment. Physical hitting upon the body, verbal abuse, denial of food and bathroom facilities is strictly prohibited.


 Behavior Termination Policy:


If a staff member finds that a child is impacting the program in a negative way, the following disciplinary actions will occur:

  1. Use of positive reinforcement and/or redirection to change the behavior.
  2. Provide guidance and encourage use of problem-solving techniques.
  3. If behavior persists, consequences will occur (loss of privileges)
  4. The parent will be asked to help produce methods of correcting behavior
  5. If the above does not work, then the child will be asked to leave the program. The number of suspended days and/or termination is up to the discretion of the Program Director.


Termination Policy:

The Millbury AfterCare Program reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate services to the child and family.  Services may be suspended and/or terminated for the following:

  1. Overdue fees.
  2. Child’s inappropriate behavior at the program.
  3. Chronic tardiness when picking up the child from the program.
  4. As determined by the Program Director to be in the best interest of the program.


Homework Policy:

Each afternoon, the children will be provided with the opportunity to complete homework. The AfterCare Program will provide children with a quiet place where they can begin their homework. Staff members will assist children that need help. Homework sessions will be approximately 30-45 minutes long. A homework session may run longer than 45 minutes of a child has a special circumstance. Every effort will be made to help your child complete their homework. If a child is not completing his or her homework in AfterCare, let the Supervisor know, and we will do our best to see that it is getting done.


*It is not the responsibility of the AfterCare Program to make sure that homework is completed. However; we will do our best to check it over before the child resumes scheduled activities. Please be diligent to review your child’s homework each night.


 Abuse and Neglect:

If there is suspicion of abuse or neglect, the staff will discuss their concerns with the Site Supervisor and the Program Director. The staff person will complete an incident report detailing the abuse or neglect. The report will be submitted to the Program Director within 24 hours. The Site Supervisor and Director will review and evaluate the situation. The Program Director will then speak to the building Principal and or Guidance Counselor immediately to confer the appropriate next steps.


If a staff member is found to be the cause of abuse or neglect, the staff member will not be allowed to work at the Millbury AfterCare Program during an investigation. If the staff member is found at fault, s/he will be terminated immediately.


Health Care Policy:

Your child may be sent home if s/he appears to have symptoms during the day. In such an event, s/he will be moved to a quiet, isolated area until someone arrives.


In the event of an emergency, the following procedure will take place. The Site Supervisor will inform the nurse on duty, pull the child’s medical records and call 911 as directed by the nurse. The Nurse will then contact the parent to inform them of the emergency and which hospital the child will be taken to. If the parent(s) are unable to be reached, the Site Supervisor will call the emergency contact numbers. An injury report will be submitted to the program Director within 24 hours. The Site Supervisor may also provide first aid or other directions and assistance to the Nurse.


The Millbury AfterCare Program will not disperse medications under any circumstances. If medications must be given to a child during the scheduled program hours, the parent must complete a written medication consent form authorizing the nurse to administer said medication and the consent form will be kept with the child’s records.


If a child’s health records indicate allergies, the child’s name, allergy symptoms and procedures will be available to the nurse.

 Infectious Disease/Head Lice:

In the event a child has an infectious disease or head lice, all parents will be notified of the occurrence. The infected child may return to the program when s/he is fever free or free of head lice eggs for 24 hours.


Child’s Records:

All information in your child’s folder is privileged and confidential and cannot be released without your written consent. Any changes and/or additions to a child’s record must be dated and signed by the person making the entry. Updates, conferences, phone calls, correspondences, notes, etc. relating to the child must be written and filed under the appropriate heading. All reports must be signed and dated. Records are retained for a period of 3 years after the child has left the program.


 *Please remember for the safety of all involved, that you should only park in the marked parking spaces at both buildings. No vehicles should be parked in the handicapped slots or in the fire lanes in front of the buildings.*