Early Release Form

Aftercare Parents/Guardians,


Due to the frequent unpredictable weather that we have had in New England recently, Millbury Public Schools has had to close on several occasions. If for any reason the school closes early, Aftercare will be closed as well. It is important to us that your child gets home safely. If it is expected that inclement weather is on the way, please make arrangements ahead of time and send in a note stating what bus and where your child will be going.


Please fill out the following form to help us during early release days.



Name of Child ________________________________________________________


Grade____________________                           Teacher________________________


Please circle how your child will be getting home.


Bus                              Pick-up                          Other: _________________



If you circled bus:


Bus #___________        

What address will your child be dropped off at?_________________________________


Please write the name of the person that will be there to get your child off the bus





If your child is going to be picked up:


Name of Person _______________________________________


Relationship to Child ___________________________________


Phone # _______________________ or _______________________


**Please have an ID on you at the time of pick up.









Aftercare will be closed on all Half-Days, Holidays, and Teacher Professional Development Days.


The following is a list of dates that Aftercare will not be open. Please make arrangements for these dates.


October 7, 2011 (Professional Development)


October 10, 2011 (Columbus Day)


November 10, 2011 (Professional Development)


November 11, 2011 (Veteran’s Days)


November 21, 2011 thru November 25, 2011 (Parent Conferences and Thanksgiving)


December 25, 2011 thru January 2, 2012 (Winter Vacation)


February 20, 2012 thru February 24, 2012 (February Vacation)


April 16, 2012 thru April 20, 2012 (April Vacation)


May 28, 2012 (Memorial Day)

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