Morning and Aftercare Introduction

The Millbury Morning and Aftercare Programs operate out of two sites.

The Elmwood Street School site is designated for students in pre k (age 4 only) through second grade.

The Shaw School site is designed for students in grades three through six.

The staff at the Aftercare program is composed of a mix of adults, young adults, and high school aged students that have a passion for childcare.

The programs provide assistance with homework, social interactions, and a safe environment for your children during the crucial after school hours.


Elmwood: A typical day at Aftercare includes snack time, exercise, homework time (if necessary), and arts and crafts. Often times the students will be allowed to read, play board games and play cards. The students are able to use the Elmwood Street School Playground, as well as the gymnasium. On some rainy Fridays, there may be a movie day. The program encourages socialization with peers and many friendships are created while attending the Aftercare program.

Shaw: The Shaw Aftercare Program puts a focus on academics. The transition from 3rd grade to 4th grade is an important one both academically and socially. The Aftercare program helps both those aspects. Reading time and homework time are required. The students will have recreation time and/or arts and crafts after the completion of their homework and reading. This teaches the students great study habits. The students will have access to the playground, athletic fields, and gymnasium at the Shaw School.